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The World's First and Finest Indoor Golf Simulator
30 Years ago Par T Golf produced the first golf simulators

Par T Golf is the world's first and finest indoor golf simulator and is provided by the undisputed leader in indoor golf simulation, Optronics Ltd.

You can Golf Year Round On “The Incredible Golf Machine“

The Most Sought After Golf Simulator in The World and the golf simulator of choice by serious golfers.

Over 30 years ago, Par T Golf developed the very first golf simulators. And with those years of continual innovation, we are proud to present the latest and believably

The Best Golf Simulator in the World.

Optronics Ltd. has been in business since 1976 and has provided golfers world-wide with the most incredible indoor golfing experience. We continue to enhance the experience by providing continual advancements in software and hardware technology.

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